We have received an Average Quality Score of 98.7% for our Engineering Design work for "End-to End" Engineering Services.

  • Engineering and Design Work Completed and Delivered with Associated Permits On-Time, Every single time. All the time.
  • Maintained Quality and On-Time-Delivery Performance at Competitive Contract Pricing.
  • Reduced damage to AT&T's facilities.
  • Customer Comments:
    • "National Services Inc did a tremendous job" Mike Perez, AT&T Area Manager, Construction & Engineering , South Florida
    • "National Services Inc  saved us a great deal of money" Bill Serpe, AT&T Manager Project Light Speed, South Florida"
    • "National Services is competent and saved the day by preventing damage to fiber and copper facilities along US1"  Jose Lopez, AT&T CIM Supervisor, SFL
    • "National Services Inc  is responsive, resourceful and honest " Miguel Gomez, AT&T Manager, South Florida
    •   "Whenever there is a problem NSI saves the day " Josh Walsh, AT&T Sr. Contract Manager, South Florida



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