Why National Services?

We have been in business for over 38 years, We are a growing company with experienced Damage Prevention Inspectors (DPI's) that have been working the South Florida marketplace for over a decade. Which produces the most important thing which is Results Below you can view The Graphic how we were able to lower the cost on damages for our client By over a Million Dollars. By providing excellent work and Being proactive in the field

  • Reduction of High Profile Underground Cable Damages
  • Reduction in Overall Damages
  • Reduction of Contract Locator Damages
  • Education of Contractors on Safe Digging Practices
  • Minimize Underground Cable Repair Costs
  • Assist AT&T Risk Management Team in collections from contractors.
  • Provide real live interface on excavations
  • Provide AT&T status on X-BOX/Plant conditions (damaged doors, Graffiti, etc.)
  • Physically perform field inspections on USIC (locating contractor)


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